Here at Porterford we source the highest quality British free-range pork. One of our most popular breeds are Gloucestershire old spot pork sourced from our suppliers Rare breed meats.

This Gloucestershire Old Spot is one of Britain’s most treasured heritage breeds. A West Country porker, this breed was traditionally fattened up on windfall from cider orchards giving the meat its sweet and creamy flavour and beautiful succulence. Very popular with chefs, its quality owes to the layer of fat on its meat which bastes the meat as it cooks, keeping the pork moist and tender with long in the mouth flavour.

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Pork Products

  • Whole Pig (Notice required)
  • Suckling Pig Whole (Notice required)
      • Pork Leg Whole
      • Pork Leg Boned & Rolled
          • Short Loin Whole
          • Short Loin Pork French Trimmed
              • Short Loin Pork Boned & Rolled
    • Pork Loin Steaks (Portion)
    • Pork Chops French Trimmed
        • Pork Chops Rind On
        • Pork Tenderloin/Fillet Whole
            • Shoulder Pork Whole (Neck End)
            • Neck of Pork Boned & Rolled
    • Spare Rib Pork Chops
    • Spare Rib Steaks Boneless
        • Belly Pork Whole
        • Belly Pork Boned & Rolled
            • Belly Pork to Spec
            • Meaty Pork Ribs

    • Baby Back Ribs (From Loin)
    • Diced Pork
        • Minced Pork
        • Pork Fat
            • Pork Bones
            • Pork Collar