At Porterfords, we source only the finest quality beef for our customers. Our experience has allowed us to ensure that we source our beef from only the best suppliers.

Our beef is matured for 28 days, giving the meat time to develop the full traditional beef flavour and succulent tender texture.

Here at Porterford we source the highest quality Scotch beef , all aged to a minimum of 28 day dry aged . Our main supplier is Scotbeef of Inverurie. Please click on the photo below to find out more.


Beef Products

  • Topside Rolled
  • Rump Boneless
      • Silverside Rolled
      • Striploin
          • Fillet (Untrimmed) Whole
          • Long Fillet UK (Untrimmed) Whole
              • Long Fillet Larder Trim
              • RibEye Scotch

  • Rib Eye Roll
  • Rib Eye Imported
      • Brisket Boned
      • Salt Brisket Boneless
          • Whole Forerib
          • Forerib Carvery
              • Forerib Boned & Rolled
              • Bavette

  • Whole Chuck
  • Diced Chuck
      • Diced Steak & Kidney
      • Minced Beef Lean
          • Minced Chuck
          • Shin Boneless
              • Short Ribs
              • Chateaubriand

  • Feather Blade Steak
  • Onglet Steak (Portion)
      • T-Bone Steak
      • Ribeye Steak
          • Club Steak
          • Minute Steak
              • Sirloin Steak
              • Rump Steak